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Book description

Andrew Moffatt, a young and successful architect from New York, is convinced that nothing more than professional curiosity, provoked by the discovery in Williamsburg of a seventeenth century journal belonging to a young man called Julian Cushing, prompts him to spend his holiday in London. Like Julian 250 years earlier, Andrew feels a strange compulsion to visit the ruins of the Palace of Nonsuch in Surrey, built by Henry VIII so that there would be non such in the land. He is deeply intrigued when a chance takes him to Cuddington House in the Strand, where Julian Cushing stayed in 1699. There a descendant of the Cuddington family shows him the portrait of Chloe Cuddington, a Tudor beauty whose fathers land was taken by Henry VIII for his palace; and Andrew finds himself captivated by a woman dead for more than 400 years. Not until he visits Nonsuch and stands on the site of the inner courtyard does he discover the existence of the Lure and of its guardian - a force as elusive as it is malign. Through hypnosis Andrew learns that he has fought with the same sinister force twice before; yet no evil can keep him from seeking the legendary Nonsuch Lure, and finding not only tragedy but a love which has spanned four centuries

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